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Our intention is to support those looking to marshal the talents of local people and associations in an effort to promote working together to strengthen a community of and for students in recovery.  Inherent in this support is the work we are doing to connect those who are building capacity across the nation so that they can see and emulate what others are doing to support students in recovery and overcome institutional barriers.

We believe that the time for a concerted and collaborative effort toward capacity building for collegiate recovery is upon us. We are on the verge, some may argue in the midst of, a societal awakening that emerges periodically when you have a convergence of research, practice and political will. These are unique opportunities in time when we can move a need from the shadows and into the social consciousness. We face such an opportunity for recovery from substance use disorders in general, and for collegiate recovery efforts in particular.

We see capacity building as a pathway to connectedness, and invite your participation.

The problem we currently face is silos. Students struggling with an addiction are isolated from their peers, from their family, and from their academic community. Those who have been able to connect with one another to form a college-specific recovery community often fail to integrate into the broader community in a way that allows them to take full advantage of the breadth of the college experience. These separations carry the danger of perpetuating a stigma that needs to be reversed.

We believe the activities associated with capacity building offer a pathway to connectedness. At the heart of this effort are the research-based community assets which can inform and shape the experiences, relationships, opportunities and associations that students in recovery can draw upon to thrive in a collegiate setting. 

We encourage your application to start the capacity building effort on your campus.


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