Areas of Focus

Higher Education

Higher Education

TYR’s higher education initiative focuses on the creation of on-campus collegiate recovery programs to directly support students in recovery from substance use disorders. To date, we have issued grants to over 120 sites to start recovery programs. We are expanding this initiative by issuing additional grants to four year colleges and launching a community college program to give more students access to recovery support. The intent of this initiative is to ensure that no individual will have to choose between maintaining their recovery or obtaining higher education.

Beginning in Spring 2017, TYR will award additional Seeds of Hope grants to continue driving the expansion of recovery programs at 4-year colleges nationwide. To apply for a Seeds of Hope grant, click on the purple button below.

Go to the Seeds of Hope Grant Application


The Bridging the Gap pilot grant program for community colleges will begin in Spring 2017. Approximately 6 schools will receive grants and partner with TYR in intensive technical assistance and research activities including site visits and facilitated community mapping efforts, with additional grants given to schools which will participate in minimal research activities. To apply for a Bridging the Gap pilot grant, click the purple button below.

Go to the Bridging the Gap Pilot Grant Application

Capacity Building

On every college campus, there is a certain capacity for helping students in recovery to thrive.

Get Started

Apply for an early stage collegiate recovery grant.

Community Asset Maps

Recovery Community Asset Mapping

The mapping of assets (people, places, resources) helps mobilize communities to best serve students in recovery through school-based recovery support services. 

38 Assets

A set of 38 community-based assets that are the basis for building collegiate recovery capacity across the nation.