Areas of Focus

Community College

America’s almost 1,200 community colleges offer students affordable tuition, open admission policies, and convenient locations. Historically, they have been particularly important for students who are older, working, need remedial classes, or can only take classes part-time. As community college enrollment evolves, there is a need to better understand the role community colleges play in supporting students beyond their academic pursuits. 

TYR conducted an intensive one-year study to increase the capacity for community colleges in the U.S. to provide students in recovery the support and skills necessary to help them successfully obtain, transition to, or reclaim desired life and academic pursuits.

This study indicated that we do not yet know enough about what it takes to effectively support students in recovery on a community college campus beyond their academic pursuits and need to learn more in order to build national capacity in this area. As a result, TYR is launching a pilot grant program to learn what happens when schools initiate funded capacity building efforts on their campuses.

The Bridging the Gap pilot grant program will begin in Spring 2017. Approximately 6 schools will receive grants and partner with TYR in intensive technical assistance and research activities including site visits and facilitated community mapping efforts, with additional grants given to schools which will participate in minimal research activities. To apply for a Bridging the Gap pilot grant, click the purple button below.

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