Areas of Focus

To find what’s working – and do more of it, more often, in more places.

How can we build the capacity of institutions, local communities and families to help youth and young adults in recovery thrive within primary, secondary and post-secondary educational settings? And how might those efforts create a ripple effect in our communities and the world?

To answer these questions, Transforming Youth Recovery is looking specifically at the educational, peer and family networks that influence youth development and achievement, and we are both studying and conceiving novel approaches that could dramatically expand school-based recovery support services.

For us, the key is to mobilize localized community assets into relevant recovery practices and coalitions. To help remove barriers to local action, we advocate for reforms in public policy, work to erase the social stigma associated with addiction and fund studies aimed at uncovering and promoting best practices within the recovery field.

We’re all about giving students, families and communities the ability to look out, find others who are building capacities similar to their own, and rapidly copy and emulate those recovery practices that are helping youth and young adults live their best life.

The specific areas of focus for Transforming Youth Recovery are:

  • Higher Education (School-Based Recovery Support)
  • Community Colleges (School-Based Recovery Support)
  • High Schools (School-Based Recovery Support)
  • K-8th Grade Prevention and Intervention

In each of these focus areas, Transforming Youth Recovery will add key resources from the private sector to the efforts of government and the educational system with the goal of accelerating the rate of change in how we deal with recovery in the United States.