Strategic Destinations

strategic destinations

We are continuing to build our knowledge and understanding, invest in infrastructure and build capabilities. Behind-the-scenes strategic efforts include:

Research-driven studies to uncover the programmatic, political and social landscape for school-based recovery efforts:

Investments in network platforms to connect people, ideas and resources:

  • Transforming Youth Recovery is building a robust network platform, Capacitype, to serve as a vehicle for mobilizing collective action on a large scale.
  • Allows activities to spread quickly without being routed through a central authority.
  • Offers space for making connections among people in order to strengthen existing ties, bring new people into the fold and bridge divides.
  • Enables organizers and funders to amplify their place-based efforts and connect communities that span geographies.
  • Supports relationship and network analysis within and among coalitions emerging to serve youth in recovery within communities. 
  • All based on the discipline of community mapping to create an inventory of individual, organizational and physical assets that shape the practices of each school-based recovery effort.

Dissemination grants to provide seeds of hope, infuse energy and mobilize community-based assets to dramatically expand the footprint of youth recovery support efforts.

  • The creation of toolkits to implement capacity-building activities and the promotion of a networked community of students and practitioners are to be stimulated by “seeds of hope” grant programs administered by Transforming Youth Recovery.
  • Takes advantage of multiple tactics understood to advance change and garner genuine community support for local recovery support efforts.
  • Includes careful evaluation to inform grant programs due to come online after completion of each areas-of-focus study.

Sustaining the North Star of strengthening healthy action taken by families to properly care for the disease of addiction.